Canadian Rock and Heavy Metal Scene

Canada has contributed enormously to the rock scene for years now. Although many people may not be aware of this fact, some of the world’s greatest rockers are, in fact, Canadian. However, as in most cases, many of these musicians first gained fame in America, leading everyone to mistakenly assume that they were American instead of Canadian. However, there has been a steady influence in terms of rock music from Canadian artists. Due to this, people are now aware of just how much talent is being cultivated in this region. Let’s take a look at the rock and heavy metal scene in Canada:

The Rock Scene in Canada

If you are a rock musician hoping to make it big or, at the very least, have your music be appreciated, then Toronto is the place to head to. Over the past ten years, Toronto has become a booming music scene for rockers of all types. This is largely because of the incredible amount of support that musicians receive in this area. There are various loans and grants that burgeoning rockers have access to so they are able to create their art. This includes making videos and even touring across the country to help boost recognition. Even radio stations are encouraged to give their local artists a certain amount of air time. To top it all off, the Polaris Prize takes place in Toronto. One of the advantages of the Polaris Prize is that it draws such an eclectic and varying rock crowd. All of this means that Toronto is a thriving rock scene.

If you are looking for something a little less mainstream, then Montreal is the place for you. With forerunners such as Arcade Fire, there is a lot of hope and encouragement for the indie rockers in this area. There are also music companies, such as Indie Montreal, that are supporting such individual acts. Of course, there are also plenty of other opportunities for indie rockers. This includes a large number of venues that back indie artists and allow them to take the stage. It is here that indie artists continue to have a platform to be heard. It does not look as though this trend is going away anytime soon.

The Heavy Metal Scene in Canada

It is safe to say that not many people really consider Canada to have a thriving heavy metal scene. After all, most people consider this country to be one of the more pleasant places. Nonetheless, many Canadians are heavy metal supporters, which has led to numerous successful metal bands. In fact, bands like Rush were the very foundation for later metal artists.

Although popular, heavy metal has been more or less a minority in the music scene. Still, you will be able to find many different areas where this genre is both sustained and stimulated. One place in particular is Oshawa in Ontario. This location boasts one of the largest and most unswerving audiences for the genre. At any time, you will be able to find many different bands playing.

Montreal is definitely big in the heavy metal music scene as well. While there are many metal artists arising from Montreal, the multitude of opportunities is what makes this region so popular for heavy metal. For instance, Heavy Montreal is a festival that has been held since 2008. It has boasted headliners such as Iron Maiden, Motley Crue, Slayer, Megadeth, Slipknot, and Anthrax. They have also welcomed local lesser-known talent as well. Many well-known heavy metal bands such as Katakylsm and Beneath the Massacre actually had their humble beginnings in Quebec.

These are some of the main places where rock and heavy metal thrive. Nonetheless, it is not difficult to find regions all around Canada that love and follow these genres. It is a statement to the diversity of Canada that both these forms of music are quite pervasive throughout the country.

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